Our Service schedules have been developed over the years to deal with the Malawi market but with the introduction of the Bosch Car Service  concept we will soon roll out service schedules as recommended by manufacturers. 


Our Major car service usually takes two to three working days depending on the condition of the vehicle and the availability of the parts. We offer a Preventative maintenance plan where the service types are alternated with the Minor Service and the Lubrication Service. See our schedule below.


Our Minor Car Service takes between one and two days again depending on the cars condition and available parts. 


Our Lubrication car service take about three hours. Our oils are of the highest quality.

We use Engen, Fuchs Castrol Total or BP. Synthetic oils if not recommended by the manufacturers can be requested by our clients.
You can View and Download Our Complete Lubrication Service sheet below.


Trust our technicians to diagnose your vehicle properly the first time around! A poor driving experience can often be related to  malfunctioning electronic sensors or activators.

Our Service is not limited to just reading error codes and erasing them as other workshops do but we also provide in most cases a solution.

Vehicle Diagnostics.

Our top of the range Bosch diagnostic equipment which is constantly being updated will provide a solution for the widest range of vehicles. We can troubleshoot and diagnose Engine Light problems for many types of Vehicles.

Air Conditioner Repairs
This is currently being sub-contracted out but the intention is to provide our own service and equipment soon

Electrical Repairs
Our electricians use Bosch testing equipment to pinpoint the cause of any electrical problems.The Electrical Service includes: Fixing Starter Motors, Alternators finding and fixing electrical faults, fitting accessories, ie Radio,sirens, spot lights.


Head Lamp adjustment.

Our Bosch headlight aiming machine is probably the most advances on the market - call whatsapp or email for a quote and a booking 


Brakes are a a top priority.  A usual brake repair starts with a  careful inspection of the wear taking place analysing the faults if any, replacing the brake lining or brake pads and testing the brake fluid for moisture content. If drums and discs are worn out or past safe limits, they cannot be refaced and  have to be replaced. Our diagnostic equipment will make sure that the ABS system is fully functional.


Clutches are slowly being replaced and favoured by the more easier to use automatic transmissions.
In the past automatic transmissions were to be avoided as they were considered very temperamental and mostly irreparable but today's automatic transmissions are very reliable and efficient.
Clutch System Service include:

• Removal and replacement of the clutch pressure plate.
• Inspect the clutch hydraulic system for functionality.
• Inspect the condition of the clutch fluid.


As your vehicle rides over the bumps and rough conditions of the road, the suspension is subject to a lot of shock. With the built-in system of the shock absorbers, it lessens the shock that is then transferred to the body of the vehicle. As a result, the shock absorbers keep your ride relatively smooth and comfortable.

When the shock absorbers malfunctions they cause damage to numerous different components in your vehicle and also making ride uncomfortable.

Shock Absorber Replacement Service include:

• Verify that Shock absorbers are bad
• Remove and replace the faulty shock absorbers
• Inspect the suspension system for any other worn or damaged parts
• Test Drive


We offer quality service for all your steering system needs. We accurately diagnose any issue from the wheels to tires.

If you’ve begun or you just begin to notice changes in how your car responds to the wheel, or hear strange noises while turning, don’t hesitate before it cause other damages, bring it to us so that our Professional Expert Technicians can put their hands on it.

Steering System Service Include:

• Empty power steering system reservoir
• Fill with the correct and quantity amount of fluid
• Bleed the power Steering System/Clean up any residual fluid
• Replace any wear out parts
• Test operation of the power steering


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